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Check out our full Gravel Tire collection, and our award winning tubeless cyclocross, moutain and road tires. Wider tires are almost always heavier than narrower ones which is something else to keep in mind. The MXP by Donnelly … Ride quality is paramount, and no other cycling tire offers the supple, responsive traction of a handmade Challenge Tubular, eliminating barriers in achieving your maximum speed and potential. From fenders to tires and tubes, we have everything you need to keep you rolling. Finding the best bicycle tires for gravel roads is challenging. The Stigmata also has your ass covered with neat, hidden fender mounts, and three water bottle mounts that highlight the Stigmata's ever-widening scope of purpose. If you have wheels of a smaller diameter, you will need higher gearing to achieve the same speed compared to a bike with wheels with a bigger diameter. Not to be overlooked in the 650b discussion is a pair of new all-conditions MXP cross tires. Should you run 700c or 650b wheels for gravel riding. Filter (1) View: Showing 30 results per page; show 90 results per page Co-op Cycles. If you plan on racing cross and don’t want multiple wheelsets, then you can immediately cross 650b wheels off your list. Cyclocross tires vs road tires. Cyclocross tyres are designed for cyclocross racing in various conditions and surfaces. For gravel riders, the higher volume tyres associated with 650b rims allow for lower air pressures. A high-profile tyre fitted to a 26in wheel will usually be 27in or more in diameter. The 650b wheel is extremely popular across mountain bike disciplines – for many riders, they offer an ideal compromise between 26in and 29in wheels. The Rugged Road is ready to get even more rowdy. Arguably, if you’re comparing a like-for-like wheel build but swapping a 700c rim for a 650b one, then the smaller build is going to be lighter. IRC crafts high-performance bicycle tires for any condition. We've rounded up and tested the very best 650B gravel tyres for both wet and dry conditions, so whether you're upgrading or converting, we've got it covered. Interested in converting a 700C cyclocross or touring bike into a 650B gravel bikepacking rig? IRC makes the best tubeless tires for triathletes. 0% APR finance is available on all baskets over £99. On 700c wheels, finding frames that can accommodate super wide tires is not always possible. The X’Plor MSO is an tubeless-ready adventure tire designed for the most ambitious adventures. 650B vs 27.5″ As most readers will know, 27.5″ and 650B are the same thing—both rims have exactly the same diameter of 584mm. A 47mm 650b tire will be the same outer diameter as a 700x28c combo. It’s those 700c road rims that have had their rim beds widened to take fatter 29in mountain bike tyres. MXP 700 x 33 - 120 TPI Folding Bead Clincher $46.00 : While cyclocross tires have properties that allow them to handle a wide variety of terrain, road tires are designed to be as fast as possible on smooth tarmac roads. Stay informed on our latest news! US: English; Change region; Sign in; shop These are our smallest Cyclocross tyres for kids, using 650b wheels! The choice on which suits you and your riding better depends a lot on what your priorities are. Already have an account with us? PDX 700 x 33 - 120 TPI Folding Bead Clincher $46.00. There just isn’t much quality information out there yet. For example, 700c x 40 mm tire measure about 2 cm (.75″) larger than 650b x 47 mm tires. With the promise of dirt-friendly tires and a more supple ride, there’s plenty to like. On the other hand, the smaller diameter rim may also be wider, which will add weight. With 650b wheels, you can also fit wider tires to your bike without requiring any modifications to the geometry of your bike’s frame and fork. Free shipping on orders over $150. Frames designed for 27.5in wheels can be built using well-proven 26in wheel geometry and, in our opinion at least, usually end up looking neater than the often gangly-looking 29ers, with slightly better clearances. A smaller 650b wheel will also need to make more rotations than a 700c wheel outfitted with tires of the same width so there is slightly more rolling resistance. In recent years road bikes have trended toward wider rims with higher volume tires. As 650b is a relatively new trend for gravel bikes, there is also a smaller selection of wheels and tyres to choose from, though the range of options is growing. With a smaller 650b wheel, it’s possible to run wider tires when frame clearance allows for it. HOWEVER, what *isn’t* flaccid are the new 650b road plus gravel tires announced today by Donnelly Cycling (fka: Clement). Schwalbe North America Ferndale, WA 98248 United States. Alex's current fleet includes his trusty commuter bike, a 2017 Marin Gestalt 3, his long term Orange Stage 6 RS enduro bike, a used and abused 2015 GT Sanction Pro, a Scott Voltage YZ dirt jump bike and a Deluxe Pro 2 BMX. Presta Tube - 650b x 38-50mm. The term 650b comes from French sizing nomenclature – the number indicating the approximate diameter of the wheel, including tyre, and the letter corresponding to an approximate width (the 700c standard for road bike wheels has the same origin). When it comes to the type of rubber used, cyclocross tires are usually … The spokes will be shorter and the rim diameter smaller. Deeper adventures, bigger tires perhaps? The geometry is maintained and you get a more comfortable ride. By the time the early mountain bike bandwagon got properly rolling, 26in rims and tyre choices were becoming more plentiful than 650b or 27in. Shop great deals on premium cycling brands. That’s a question more cyclists venturing into the burgeoning world of gravel are asking themselves. Part of this can be explained by the laws of rotational mass. My first impression on the wheels was that they felt pretty much 'normal,' i.e., like my 700c x 35mm Compass … These days road bike tire sizes range from 23c all the way up to 30c and beyond. A 650b wheel is one that’s about 27.5 inches in diameter, when measured from tyre edge to tyre edge. - Traditional arrow/chevron center tread with progressive shoulder lugs for secure cornering in loose conditions - Tire Intended Use: Cyclocross - Labeled Size: 650B x 33 - Tire Bead: Folding - Tire Diameter: 650B - Tire Type: Clincher - Weight (oz): 15.1 - TPI: 120 Gravel tyres come in 27.5 and 700c sizes and usually between 30mm and 45mm width. MXP 650b cyclocross tires. We Carry a ton of 650B bike tires because we think that 650Bs are just about perfect. CX tires have various types for different purposes, and some designs closely overlap with road bike tires. Smaller wheels, need to rotate more times to cover the same distance. A 650b wheel needs to make more rotations to cover the same distance as a 700c wheel if they are mounted with the same tires. For example, a 42mm tyre mounted on a 650b rim has a similar diameter to a 700c rim with a 23mm tyre – a gravel rider gains the potential benefits of a plusher, grippier tyre, without requiring changes to frame geometry, which could affect a bike’s handling. In turn, this increases on-bike comfort because the depth of the tyre’s sidewall and overall tyre volume absorbs some of the road’s bumps without them reverberating into the rider’s body. The Terreno Dry comes in a 40mm option, the Tracer (and older Trigger) in 38mm, while Challenge swaps out the Chicane name for the Gravel Grinder label in 38 and 42mm options.. The … Another area of the bike what will be influenced by different wheel diameters is how much bottom bracket clearance the bike has. The topic ‘Which 650b Cyclocross tyre’ is closed to new replies. Subscribe today and get the next 3 issues of your favourite cycling magazine for just £5! Many gravel models nowadays have tires that are at least 38mm wide, plus they can accommodate both 700c and 650b diameters. Gravel and cyclocross tires … Pros and cons of big-wheeled bikes, Best mountain bike: how to choose the right one for you, Make sure your bike is safe to ride with the M check, Matthew Loveridge’s Gear of the Year 2020, Mountain bike tyre pressure | Everything you need to know, Best tubeless sealant in 2021: 6 popular options put to the test, 29in mountain bike wheels | Pros, cons and a history lesson. Alex then moved back to the UK when he landed a job working for Mountain Biking UK as their Features Editor — BikeRadar's sister title — as their features editor. According to the venerable Sheldon Brown, the 650B tire size is a French tire size typically used for loaded touring bikes and tandems (or year round comfy commuting).The 650 Stands for the outside diameter of the inflated tire, and the B refers to the width of the tire. Alex started racing downhill at the tender age of 11, later going on to compete internationally representing the UK. Inevitably, most frames were being designed around 26in wheels too, so the habit stuck with most mainstream frame builders. 650b Bike Tires, Tubes and Wheels (10 results) Products (5) Articles (5) Remove wheel-size filter: 650b. You also need a wide 650b tire. Bikes equipped with both 650b or 700c wheels are well suited for various off-road riding conditions. A bigger wheel will actually roll over obstacles easier meaning you might lose less momentum in technical terrain than on a smaller wheel. We’re based on community-contributed content, which means we welcome content submissions from anyone and prioritize representing all aspects of the sport of cyclocross, from the most grass-roots scene to the highest professional level of the sport. What does 650B stand for anyways? Models with 700c wheels often go up to 47mm in width, whereas those with 650b wheels can get 2.25” wide, which is MTB territory.. The combination of smooth-rolling center knobs and aggressive shoulder lugs provide great traction and durability for gravel roads, trails, urban assault and even pavement. Critics argue that the 650b or 27.5in wheel is a jack-of-all-trades but master of none, when it comes to mountain bikes – it doesn’t smooth out trail undulations as well as a 29in wheel or provide as much traction, while it’s slower to accelerate than a 26in wheel and not as agile at slow speeds. 650b rims and tyres were readily available, as were the old 27in road rims, which effectively standardised into the 700c road rims of today. At the most basic level, 700c wheels have a larger diameter (622mm) than 650b wheels (584mm). What are 650b or 27.5in wheels? More specifically, many riders find that 650b wheels fitted with 42-47 mm wide tires measure about the same in diameter as 700c wheels fitted with 28-30 mm wide tires. A 650b gravel wheel/tyre is also likely to have higher rolling resistance than a 700c wheel/tyre with a comparable overall diameter (as ever, tyre choice will have a significant part to play here). 700c has long reigned as the default wheel size on the majority of road, gravel and cyclocross bikes. There are a ton of tires to choose from for gravel and adventure riding. All-rounder tyres offer a mixed tread tread for general gravel riding. Pros and cons of the 'halfway' 27.5in wheel size. Shop the latest range of Schwalbe 27.5" (650b) Tyres delivered free to the UK mainland*. A few custom builders were still meddling with big wheels on mountain bikes and it wasn’t long before Gary Fisher got people talking about them again by launching a range of 29ers. Don't miss out on MBUK – get your next 3 issues for just £5, Get the next 3 issues of the UK's number one cycling magazine for just £5. 650b has recently seen a resurgence in popularity from its heyday on 20 th-Century French bicycles. Find a Retailer; en. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. $8.50 (0) 0 reviews. First things first, the terms 650b and 27.5in are interchangeable – we’re talking about the same thing here. 00. While gravel and adventure bikes started out with road-sized 700C wheels, many now use smaller diameter 650B rims which allow a much fatter tyre for greater grip and comfort but are roughly the same overall diameter. 650b Collection Whether your ride takes you on the tarmac or into the wild, our collection of gravel and road gear for 650b bikes has you covered. In that time, he broke more bikes than he can remember. Adding a few mm in width to a cyclocross tire does not suddenly make a tire gravel-specific. Find the latest Cyclocross Tires for sale at Competitive Cyclist. However, if you are mounting wider tires you may just be adding that saved weight back onto your bike in the form of rubber instead of wheel mass. While a 28 to 30 mm tire mounted on a 700c wheel has approximately the same outside diameter as a 42 to 47 mm tire mounted on a 650b wheel, when you begin to play around with various tires the difference can be more dramatic. The Official Site of IRC Bicycle Tires. More simply, and to offer a direct comparison, a 29in/700c rim is 622mm in diameter when measured from rim bed to rim bed, while a 650b rim is 584mm in diameter. Thanks I have not finished the specification of the front wheel and would like many of the components to match. The diameter of the wheel and your tire choice will influence how a bike feels and handles. This guide is here to help you choose which one is right for you. For example, a 40 mm gravel tire on a 700c increases the diameter of the wheel compared to the above example resulting in more trail. If you plan to race cyclocross at a competitive level, keep in mind that you are limited by the rules on what equipment you can run. Hutchinson 27.5 Inch (650b) Cyclocross/Gravel Clincher Tires. Cyclocross Magazine About Us Cyclocross Magazine is a print and digital magazine and website for the cyclocross community by cyclocross racers. You just need the clearance, and brakes to work. More recently, 650b wheels have gained traction in the gravel riding world, with the wheel size seeing a return to its drop-bar roots having long fallen out of favour. By entering your details, you are agreeing to BikeRadar terms and conditions and privacy policy. What’s the right wheel size choice for mixed-surface riding? Both 650b and 700c wheels have some intriguing properties that make them the go-to choices of gravel and adventure enthusiasts. 650b or 27.5in wheels offer most of the quick acceleration and nimble feel of 26in mountain bike wheels, but with a nod towards the smoother feel, extra stability and enhanced traction of … What that means is there will be more friction on the bearings but keep in mind that if you increase the diameter of the 650b wheel with wider tires, it won’t need to make more rotations since the two wheels will be equal once again. $139.00 $ 139. @KeithWM the trick is that 650b plus a wider tire gives roughly the same outer diameter as 700c with a narrower tire. A few others followed and within a year or two the fork, rim and tyre manufacturers started creating more choices for the slowly growing base of big wheel fans. On a hard climb your easiest gears will feel even easier with wheels of a smaller diameter. MXP 650b x 33 - 120 TPI Folding Bead Clincher $46.00. On 650b wheels, you will also benefit from a choice of faster rolling mountain bike tires that could be useful in certain conditions. Equally, if you’re taking your bike on to rough bridleways or borderline mountain bike trails, a high-volume 650b setup might better suit your needs. On the other hand, gravel bikes go much wider than that. CyclingDeal WTB SX19 Mountain Bike with Slick Tires Wheelset 11s 29" QR Front & Rear. Thanks! In fact, fitting high-profile tyres to 26in wheels will give you a good idea of how 650b wheels with lower volume tyres, such as Maxxis’ standard 2.5in-wide Minions, will feel. IRC Tires Boken Plus Tire - 650b x 47, Tubeless, Folding $59.99 The Boken+ is a 650b multi-surface tire with a four part tread for smooth riding performance on any road. Impressions: 650b x 48mm Rene Herse Switchback Hill, Extralight ($89 USD) As I mention above, clearance on the back of my cyclocross bikes was tight when I started riding these tires, so I packed a proper spoke wrench for my first big ride, a mixed-surface route north of Ottawa. With 700c wheels, you can mount slick road tires, grippy cyclocross rubber and all sorts of gravel riding tires with different tread patterns and rubber compounds for various conditions and surfaces. Manage my subscriptions 650b wheels also enable riders to run high-volume tyres without adversely impacting on a frame’s geometry or handling. The frame now clears up to a 45mm 700c or a 2.1" 650B tire. Tredz Price Match & hassle free 365 day returns. They’re also more suitable for smaller riders than 29ers. Though not immediately evident, the diameter of your wheels will have a small effect on your gearing. A lighter wheel is easier to spin up to speed than a heavier one so a 650b wheel would be faster than the same wheel in 700c. Road bikes with disc brakes typically have more tire clearance compared to rim-brake bikes. You can unsubscribe at any time. Add your email to the Canadian Cycling newsletter mailing list: Get the digital edition of Cycling for your chosen platform: This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Switching to smaller diameter wheels could result in less clearance at the BB which could be a good thing if you are looking for increased stability because a lower center of mass but could also make clearing certain obstacles a little trickier. On the 650b side, there are gravel specific tires but because using this wheel size for gravel grinding is a fairly new trend, the choices are a little more limited. Bear in mind that because tyre sizes vary significantly, this is only a rough measurement. Threaded bottom brackets remain a perennial favorite across our entire line. The rise of gravel racing events in North America, which combine elements of road, mountain biking and cyclocross into long epic distances, has helped to … Or maybe you’re just intrigued by 650B / road plus? Ans. What is the 650b or 27.5in wheel standard? At 19, he moved to the Alps to pursue a career as a bike bum clocking up moon-mileage riding the famous tracks in and around Morzine, France. The key, however, is the terrain you’re riding (any increase in rolling resistance will be more keenly felt on smooth tarmac) and how much importance you place on the other benefits of 650b wheels (namely the comfort and grip associated with larger tyres). Cyclocross racers can’t run tires wider than 33 mm and 650b wheels are not allowed. The hub spacing is 135mm What would be the pricing for this configuration. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 29. More trail results in a ride that feels more stable with slower and calmer handling. So which wheel size is right for you? The wider the tire, generally the lower pressure you can run it at without risking bottoming out the rim or flatting. P: (250) 598-0397 TF: 1-888-700-5860 Fax: (250) 598-2018. It’s quite simple, a smaller rim and shorter spokes mean 650b wheels built with the same hub will be lighter. You’ll find it on the tires used in the grand tours, classics and Pro-Tour events. Since working for MBUK, Alex's focus has moved to towards bike tech and he now wants to find out what bikes and components represent the best value for money regardless of discipline. Now optimized for 650b wheels and road plus tires. This stemmed from the desire to improve traction and comfort on gravel bikes by fitting larger volume tyres with a similar – or near-identical – outer circumference and diameter to a 700c setup with a narrower tyre. On 700c wheels, maximum tire clearance on frames usually hovers around 40 mm while frames that can take 650b wheels can then accommodate 2.1″ (53mm) or even 2.2″ (56 mm) tires. Of course, in practice there is usually a slight difference in total diameter. Ultimately, as with most bike and component choices, choosing between a 650b/27.5in and 29in setup depends on your demands as a rider. A common observation to hear from people who ride 650b and 700c wheels interchangeably is that the smaller 650b wheels feel like they get up to speed faster while the bigger 700c wheels hold onto momentum and speed a bit better. Add in a 42 mm tires on the 650b wheel and you are likely losing most of that advantage. Donnelly scaled down their popular MXP to fit to a number of newer small sized cyclocross bikes that switched to 650b wheels for better geometry & fit for small riders. Sticky for the turns and harder in the center. It made sense that wheels measuring halfway between the established 26in and 29in standards should be considered. Pros and cons for mountain and gravel bikes, Mountain bike wheel sizes: 26in, 650b and 29in explained, What are 29in mountain bike wheels? Less trail results in more responsive handling which can also feel a little more nervous but lends itself well to technical riding. With that said, 650b and 700c wheels for gravel riding are often set-up with tires that make them very similar diameters so a change from one to the other wouldn’t drastically change the gearing on your bike. Many of the old steel-wheeled clunkers that gave birth to the original mountain bikes had 26in wheels, so early aluminium rims were simply made to replace them, although the long wheelbases and big tyre clearances of frames back then could easily have accommodated bigger wheels and tyres. The 650b Rugged Road is our first bike to sport our brand new custom Speedvagen chain stays, thru axle flat mount brakes. 3.3 out of 5 stars 7. 650b or 27.5in wheels offer most of the quick acceleration and nimble feel of 26in mountain bike wheels, but with a nod towards the smoother feel, extra stability and enhanced traction of 29in wheels. These tires in clincher form come in two different widths, with the larger-volume options marketed towards gravel. Cyclocross racers can’t run tires wider than 33 mm and 650b wheels are not allowed. One of the major advantages of wider tires is being able to run lower tire pressures for better comfort and traction. The exact same wheel built in 700c versus 650b will not be of the same weight. This compares to 26in for a standard mountain bike wheel and 29in for so-called ’29er’ wheels (700c road wheels are also 29in in diameter). The rule to have gearing ratios stay the same when changing wheel diameter is higher gearing is needed on smaller wheels while lower gearing is needed to accommodate larger wheels. It’s no secret I’m all heart eyes for their tubular PDX cyclocross tires, but I’m also on friendly with their MSO gravel tires, which I’m currently running on my SuperX (700x36c). Albeit silly, tires are still described using both imperial and metric measuring systems—inches when describing mountain components and millimeters for road. We took an Advocate Lorax and made the switch. ... 650b tires … Some gravel bike manufacturers have decided to move away from the 700c wheel standard towards the smaller 650b wheel, while there is also a growing choice of aftermarket 650b wheels and tyres for gravel riders. You've been subscribed to our newsletter. FREE Shipping by Amazon. If you’re a gravel rider who actually spends most of their time on the road, occasionally venturing on to well-surfaced trails, a 700c setup might work for you. What's the point in training till you drop if you're going to be losing efficiency and speed in your tires? The regular mountain bike wheel size arrived at 26in as much by accident as by design. It may also be stiffer, though this should be offset by the larger tyre. Both wheel sizes come with pros and cons making them suitable for different riding purposes and conditions but in certain respects, the two wheel sizes can be relatively interchangeable. Buy Now. ZSG Dual Compound delivers the best of both worlds in tire performance. If you ride a mountain bike or gravel bike, you may have seen or heard of 650b/27.5in wheels – or your bike might be fitted with them – but what are the advantages and disadvantages? The two main options are 700c which is standard for road and cyclocross bikes or 650b, known in the mountain bike world as 27.5″. Now that 29ers were in the mainstream, it was an obvious step when 650b/27.5in followed. The wheel that fits my needs is the "Disc 650B gravel wheels 29mm wide 36mm deep tubeless for cyclocross and gravel bikes". Q4.

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